Floating Dreams in a Wildly Spinning World,
Selected works by Lynn Hilloowala

In Lynn’s  work elements merge with the mysterious logic of a dream. Images hover and dissolve in pools of saturated colour.  There is myth and memory: An orange grove, a deep sea dive, unfinished structures, swirling fog, the minarets of a mosque.

Suggestive of labyrinths, gardens and tapestries her art is organic,  transferring impulses and memories onto canvas. Painting as a process is  automatic with her association of sounds and vibrations to colour and form. It forms an underlying layer to all  of her work

The open effervescence of these surreal works  enclose an insidious secret. They are like half remembered dreams,  structures appear and disappear, dissipating into moving surfaces. Shifting skylines are reminiscent of buried histories and changing times.

Moving back to her hometown, Mumbai, Lynn is conscious of  the pace of  development and transient landscapes. Horizons are telescoping inward with relentless growth and the annihilation of green spaces.  Gardens and vibrant colours are memories of childhood. Her sweeping canvases conceal a loss of innocence. Beauty, youth and blamelessness are fleeting and we are only left with traces of the past.


Lynn is a self taught artist from India.
Painting almost all her life, she had her first solo exhibition at age 11. With a degree in business and a Masters in Arts from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art she went on to work in investment banking and auction houses in Mumbai and London. She has been working as an art specialist and painter for the last few years and is based in Mumbai.


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